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7 brilliant ways to hide emergency keys

7 brilliant ways to hide emergency keys
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Who has never panicked, searching for keys and finally realizing that they have been forgotten?

To avoid spending hours outside or having to call a locksmith, the site Nifty Outdoors has listed 7 brilliant tips to hide an emergency key.

You'll never be afraid to stay locked up!

1. An exterior plug cover

Who will guess that there is a key behind and not a plug?


2. A plastic pot with a drain

This is what camouflage your key in your garden, neither seen nor known!


3. An old pot of pills with a hose nozzle

Give the illusion of a sprinkler when it will in fact be... a hidden key!


4. A door decoration


5. A hose nozzle


6. A pillbox under a rock


7. And the best one ... a fake dog poop!

That, even thieves will not dare touching it!


Source: Nifty Outdoors · Photo Credit: Fotolia

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