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7 phenomena that happen when you sleep naked!

7 phenomena that happen when you sleep naked!
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Are you sleeping in pajamas, jackets, camisoles, t-shirts? You should stop this bad habit and adopt total nudity under the covers!

Why? It exists at least 7 good reasons to do it.

1- Better to sleep

The body temperature should drop by half a degree to sleep well. It’s easier to achieve this ideal temperature by being naked than by being dressed.

2- The health of the intimate parts

Wearing panties, boxer or pajama pants provide a warm and moist environment for bacteria to develop. When sleeping naked, you allow your intimate parts to breathe.

3- Easy wake up

You have to try it to realize how true it is, to wake up more quickly when you sleep naked than when you sleep dressed. It’s a completely different feeling when the skin is in contact with the sheet and the freshness of the room, the alarm clock is more effective!

4- Lose weight

Lose weight because we sleep naked? Yes because sleeping in a fresh environment boost your metabolism and makes your body lose calories while sleeping.

5- More comfortable sleep

When we are naked, we don’t get stuck in the pants, the t-shirt, the jacket... Thus we avoid all those problems that make the sleep agitated and that alter the quality of the sleep.

6- Looking good

Because of the combination of the factors we talked about previously - better sleep, fewer bacteria - we have a more restful sleep, we wake up less stressed and so we look better. By sleeping naked, we remove more dead skin cells and dead hair, so the skin looks better overall.

7- Your partner will like it!

The closeness is total, the abandonment easier and there are so many benefits! But I will not make a list, you understand, for sure!

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