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A Londoner leaves his luxurious life to go live in a tiny Eco friendly home.

A Londoner leaves his luxurious life to go live in a tiny Eco friendly home.
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A Londoner leaves everything behind to live in nature

Kris Harbor led a luxurious life in London. He had a very good job as well as two homes, but the engineer felt his life was unfulfilling.
He decided to sell his two homes and bought land in the Welsh countryside after spotting a wooded lot for sale on eBay.

Kris spent about $6,000 and 1000 hours of work building a "Hobbit" Eco-friendly home using natural materials.

Kris says he is happier now than before when he had his properties and work in the big city.

Are you curious to discover the interior of his little house? Here are the photos!

An ecological house

The small house was built with natural materials like moss in the roof and a few screws, according to Kris, who designed his house with love, from scratch.

The bed

The room is in a small mezzanine. Kris, 31, said, "The idea of working for two-thirds of your life and having very little time for socializing and hobbies does not make sense!"

Solar energy

Solar panels are installed in a field on Kris' property. His ecological house is powered by solar energy from these panels


The house has a kitchen with a wood stove to heat the small house. This kitchen is basic but Kris is totally okay with that.

The roof

The roof of Kris' round house has a circular window that allows light and air flow through: his bed is directly beneath it.


Here is Kris' workshop where he works on the development of other houses, including one more permanent, that he would like to build for himself. The second photo represents his model.

1000 hours of work

Kris was determined to leave London, where houses are becoming more expensive and people sometimes work seven days a week to pay their mortgages. Kris was tired and desperately wanted to leave it all behind and find a new way of life. As you can see, his house is built with ecological materials except a few screws. You have to love this rustic lifestyle.

Richer now than ever before

Kris has never regretted life in the city. He tells us that: "At one point, I had two mortgages totaling nearly $ 600,000, I had a car to pay, bills, two mortgages, electricity, water, Internet, insurance ", he added.

"I made a lot of money but everything went, I always had my hand in my pocket until there was nothing left. Even if I do not make a lot of money now, I'm probably richer now than before! I do not have huge commitments and payments that I need to worry about and knowing that this is the case makes me a lot happier! "

Is this a type of lifestyle you can connect with?

What do you think of Kris and his house in nature? I can understand that at some point, the more we work, the more money we have, the more money we have, the more we buy, the more we buy, the more money we need, the more we have to work and the vicious circle never ends and life passes by so fast that we barely notice and forget to live it!

I would not go live in nature in a hut like his but I like the idea of disconnecting and living off grid, you? Kris even met his new girlfriend while working on his house!

Source: Daily mail · Photo Credit: Daily mail

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