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A new type of fraud very difficult to detect threatens iPhone users.

A new type of fraud very difficult to detect threatens iPhone users.
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IPhone users are asked to be very vigilant, as a new type of fraud threatens them directly.

Indeed, experts warn iPhone users to pay attention to the appearance of new false applications.

These false applications infiltrate your device to ask you to validate your iTunes account, as is often the case with various applications.

However, the validation window is a virtually identical copy of the actual validation window.

Thus, the false validation window is a trap in order to extract your personal information.

These fraudulent windows may even appear while you are using a recognized app.

Thus, hackers take advantage of this distraction to better trap their victims.

Felix Krause, an application developer who lives in Austria has therefore shared tips with internet users to avoid being trapped by this scam.

First, Krause recommends that you never enter your Apple ID password in an application window.

Instead, Krause suggests accessing your device settings in the application permissions section.

So, you will know if this is really a validation that comes directly from Apple.

Another way to check if the validation window is legitimate is to press the home button.

If this is a false validation window, it will disappear when you press the home button.

However, if it is a true one, it will be necessary to cancel the validation so that it disappears.

Otherwise, Krause strongly suggests configuring your Apple account to always perform double validation.

Source: DailyMail · Photo Credit: Capture d'écran

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