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A new type of hacking does a lot of damage on Facebook

A new type of hacking does a lot of damage on Facebook
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A new kind of hacking wreaks havoc on Facebook.

Some hackers now go through your closest contacts to let them have access to your account.

If you fall into the trap, a virus will spread on your computer.

The website Access Now revealed the details of this new hacking.

This starts with the message from one of your close contacts asking you for help in retrieving his account.

On Facebook, there is a "trusted contacts" option to send friends a recovery code in the event of a connection problem.

The hacker pretends to be your friend and asks you the code that you received by email.

If you communicate this code, the hacker will have access to your account and all the information.

When you receive this kind of message, it is very very important to check with your friend if it is him who sent it to you.

Do not go through Facebook but instead use a text message.

Be careful!

Source: LCI · Photo Credit: Capture d'écran YouTube

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