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A specialist asks women to completely lose this bad habit!

A specialist asks women to completely lose this bad habit!
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It is summer time which means holidays and hot weather! Swimming is on the menu of the most of us.

The safety warning I want to talk about does not affect swimming as such, but what we do after swimming.

If you usually jump into the water to cool down and then get out of the water to lie down in the sun or to garden in a swimsuit, that's where you are making a mistake according to Dr. Alyssa Dweck, a gynecologist who treats every year dozens of women who develop health problems because of their wet swimsuit.

This is because moisture and heat are an ideal combination for the proliferation of fungus and bacteria.It is always the case wether we bathe or not. But when you also bathe in a public pool, in a lake, in an ocean and keep your wet swimsuit on, risks of a more aggressive bacteria entering the intimate parts are even bigger.

We are talking here about rashvaginitisurinary infections and vaginal mycoses and also benign irritations, but always unpleasant. The risks are even bigger if you are already sensitive to these kinds of infections.

The solution? Remove the wet swimsuit as soon as possible after swimming.

Since it is the combination of moisture and heat that brings these unwanted bacteria, whenever you are able to do so, remove your wet swimsuit and replace it with a dry panty. Dr. Dweck sincerely believes that this simple precaution could avoid many problems for women.

The same recommendation applies to training clothes and hot summer days: sweat-soaked underpants should not be worn.

Source: Medisite · Photo Credit: Fotolia

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