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A study shows that all children behave worse with their moms than with other people!

A study shows that all children behave worse with their moms than with other people!
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A study was conducted by the Department of Psychology at the University of Washigton in the United States to demonstrate that the child's behavior worsens in the presence of the mother. And it turns out that children have a more unpleasant behavior at 800% with their mum than with the other people around them. This same study shows that the percentage doubles and thus increases to 1600% in children under 10 years.

The study followed up to 500 children and their personal needs, feeding, even the most insignificant needs, their yelling and violent gestures. And Dr. KP Leibowwitz, a psychology professor specializing in the field of marriage and the family, gives his opinion on this study.

"We found that eight-month-olds could play cheerfully, but when they saw their mother enter a room, they were 99.9% more likely to cry, to receive immediate attention. About the other 0.1% was due to low vision, but once they heard their mother's voice, they started throwing objects while asking for treats, even when they had just eaten. This is truly fascinating. "

Paul Olsen, a dad of 3 magnificent children participated in the study, was also stunned by the result. "I always wondered why, sometimes my daughter could not accomplish anything."

Research revealed that even using disciplinary methods, 100% of children were receptive to instructions given orally at a normal voice level from a person other than their mother. On the other hand to obtain the same results the mothers of the group had to make their voice heard by shouting savagely.

"I do not need a study to know that," said Lisa Powell in her first interview, a participant and mother of four. "My children behave as if they were half their age at the second when they notice and feel my presence. That's why now I'm a functional alcoholic," she said with a pasty voice on the first day of school.

Dr. Leibowitz works on a sprayer to mask the mother's natural pheromones.

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