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A trend from the 90's is making a big comeback: chunky highlights!

 A trend from the 90's is making a big comeback: chunky highlights!
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While we all thought that the 90s were over, they are making a huge comeback with the trend of two blonde highlights in the front! This is the new hair trend for celebrities and influencers in 2020. It reminds us of the chunky highlights we all had in high school in the 90s!

Do you remember the Ginger Spice from Spice Girls and Kelly Clarkson? Everyone wanted their hair back then. It seems that celebrities and influencers have chosen to relaunch the trend.

Surprisingly, Ivanka Trump was one of the first to post a picture with the look earlier this year. Since then, many other joined her and the trend didn't leave social media yet.  

However, today’s version of the trend also includes a balayage highlight and is far from the bright orange stripes that we all remember. 

It is best to leave your hair to an expert colorist to try this trend. However, if you are the adventurous type and prefer to do it at home, it is possible. In principle, it should be an easy task because you are mainly doing chunky highlight and the front. 

If you choose the two blonde locks, the colorists advise not to neglect their maintenance by using for them a purple shampoo every three shampoos to ensure a beautiful blonde color.

Here a few celebrities who are rocking the look! 

Jennifer Lopez

Kylie Jenner

Dua Lipa

Bella Thorne

What do you think? Will you go back to chunky highlights or do you prefer a more subtle look? 

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