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Tips and Tricks

All the secrets you need to know to make a wilted orchid bloom again!

All the secrets you need to know to make a wilted orchid bloom again!
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Bruno and Cathy will explain everything you need to know to properly care for orchids! Bruno is a specialist in the field and he gives his best advice to make them bloom over and over again!

Even diseased orchids are brought to Bruno for treatment. So he has the magic touch that Bruno!


1) Keep your orchid in a bright place but with indirect sunlight. Behind a light curtain, for example, an orchid does very well. Direct sunlight burns them

2) Remove the planter, roots appreciate the light of day.

3) Once the flowers have fallen, wait 2 or 3 days and cut the stem under the 2nd node, the stem will grow back beside it

4) Once a week, give your orchid a warm water bath. Place the pot directly in the water up to the edge, without allowing the water to enter into the pot, for 10 to 15 minutes

5) When the orchid has bloomed again, you can stop the baths and give only a glass of water each week. If the tap water in your home does not have limestone, you can give it this water, otherwise, give it mineral water. Then drain

6) Place it in a location that is neither too hot nor too cold

7) Place it in a location where there is no draft (If you open a window in the room, move the orchids to a place where they do well, because a thermal shock can make the flowers fall)

8) Give it special fertilizer for orchids once in a while. 1 cap for 1L of water. It will gain strength

9) When a leaf is not very healthy you will notice right away, it will not be pretty, so cut it off

10) NEVER cut the roots

11) When the roots overflow, change the size of your pot but still place it in a pot, just a larger pot that istranslucent

12) Dust the leaves with a damp cloth occasionally

13) If you are buying an orchid in store, choose one that hasa lot of significant roots!

14) An orchid will flower every 6 months and the flowers will remain, in winter for around 2 months and in summer, for about 3 months


-If after a year, it has not yet bloomed, leave it in a closet for 3 weeks, without light and without water. When it comes out, give it a bath for 10-15 minutes. Then resume the normal cycle. This treatment will stress it slightly, but then it will grow back.

IMPORTANT:If your orchid is diseased and you cut it, disinfect your scissors before cutting another plant with them. You could contaminate your other plants.

ALSO:If one of your orchids is diseased, do not put it in the bath with the other orchids. Give it it's own, separate bath.

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