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As soon as he's retired, he transforms a truck to travel around the world!

As soon as he's retired, he transforms a truck to travel around the world!
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Joseph Tayyar had one goal in his life!

As soon as he retired, he was going to transform a truck into a mobile home in order to save money and have the chance to travel around the world! And the ingenious Israeli has succeeded! Barely 50 years old, he can afford to retire and live his dream! The project started when he was listening to a television show on houses on wheels where people lived on the road in search of adventures ... He has a lot of experience in carpentry and interior design, he invested about $225,000 US and his dream has come true!

And you will see the photos, the outside of his truck turned into a mobile home is not like the inside!

Because the interior is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!

All this light wood makes the mobile home bright!

The space is very well organized! You do not feel stuck at all!

A touch of color has been added! Green is the color of hope!

The narrowest place is the kitchen! That seems obvious to me!

Then on the other side, there is the door to the bathroom!

The roof of the truck, measuring 11.5 meters long, is completely covered with solar panels, which allows Mr. Tayyar to be self-sufficient in its supply of electricity and save on property taxes, he is very happy to have invested his money to travel!

Good work Mr. Tayyar!

And have a good trip around the world! Yo deserve it!

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