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At the age of 18, they built a home to live life without a mortgage.

At the age of 18, they built a home to live life without a mortgage.
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When he was only 18, Josh saw his very first "tiny house" and was immediately inspired.

After this discovery, the young man started to put money aside to implement his project.

Josh had plans to build his own "tiny house" for his girlfriend Lindsay and him.

After three years of savings and planning, Josh and Lindsay finally have their own home without having to worry about repaying any loans.

The house has two rooms. The first room includes the bedroom and has additional windows to let in more natural light.

The second room is a storage room for various objects but can also be used as a second bedroom.

Everything was custom built by Josh, from the kitchen drawers, to the bench and cabinets and everything in between. He even paid close attention to special details such as writing "him and her" on the dresser.

A real love nest for the two lovebirds!

Josh had mentioned his wish to build his own "tiny house" during his first date with Lindsay. That's when she knew this was something very special to him.

She immediately agreed to be part of this adventure to bring his dream to life.

The key to this project was to create a life for two in the house of their dreams.

This first date goes back to three years ago. Today, Josh and Lindsay are both 21 years old.

Their next project is to have the house certified as a recreational vehicle in order to be able to park it parking lots.

The house was built on a 5-meter trailer and even has a small 3-meter porch at the back.

They hope the fact that not having a loan to repay will allow them to travel more and simply live more freely.

Josh and Lindsay hope to live more freely on the road and pursue their dreams.

That's what we wish for them anyways!

View their adorable tiny house in the video below:

Source: Tip Hero · Photo Credit: Capture d'écran YouTube

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