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Bread Ties: 14 Uses You Did not Think About

Bread Ties: 14 Uses You Did not Think About
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Bread ties are used to attach sliced bread bags, hamburger buns, hot dog buns, but also bags of milk, and a whole bunch of other things we eat.

But if you stop for a moment and count down all the bread ties in your house in just one year, you'll be very surprised to see how much plastic this single item represents.

Here are 14 good ways to use them differently:

1) Take a break from your knitting without losing the thread

2) Glue them by using various colors on the pages of your agenda to be very well organized!

3) Keep your charger wire from falling behind the bedside table!

4) You are very bohemian? Make jewels!

5) A bedside lamp that does not look like any other lamp in store!

6) Do not leave the wire of your headphones in your purse. That's how they break more easily!

7) The top slat of your blind is broken? Glue a bread tie with strong glue! It's awesome!

8) Do not waste more tape by folding it to find the cut end. A bread tie is perfect for finding it easily!

9) They are perfect for wrapping all the remaining embroidery threads!

10) To tie together all the thin-hair elastics in the makeup case!

11) Perfect to not lose the only key of the garden shed that we are looking for at the end of each winter! The bread clip allows us to identify it!

12) Identify the wine glasses

13) A bread clip saves your life when you have a broken flip flop during holidays! It's an ideal temporary tip!

14) Identify the threads to help them unravel more easily

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