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By sticking a straw on her toothbrush, she creates this accessory we all want!

By sticking a straw on her toothbrush, she creates this accessory we all want!
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There are some accessories that we use every day and that we do not even think about wanting to improve so much they are part of our daily lives!

Yet there is always room for improvement! Here is some proof!

1) Place a straw previously cut, on your toothbrush to no longer have to drink in the same glass as everyone else in the bathroom. Or even worse! no longer put your mouth on the tap to rinse your mouth! Will there be toothbrushes of this kind on the market soon?

2) Cut the bottom of a pot of mustard to make an extension to the tap! Children will have less trouble washing their hands!

3) Pour the contents of the toothpaste tube into an empty hand soap pot so that the children get the right amount of toothpaste to use.

4) Add duct tape to your nail clippers to retrieve the cut nails!

5) Apply translucent nail varnish under the shaving cream pot to prevent rust from staining the porcelain of the sink or bath

6) Retrieve suction pads from the accessories you no longer use and hang your care products in the shower with rubber bands!

7) Use 2 self-adhesive hooks in the shower to hang your razor! Place them in a V-shape.

8) Keep your razor in a glass of rice in the bathroom to prevent the blades from rusting.

9) Glue a self-adhesive magnetic tape in the bathroom to store all those small objects that you mislaid easily

10) Store your shaver in a paper clip so you do not get hurt while looking for your things in your make-up case during your trip

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