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Can you find the hidden woman in this picture?

Can you find the hidden woman in this picture?
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The German artist Jörg Düsterwald excels in the art of body painting.

For her, the body is a canvas, a material of creation.

The make-up artist from Hameln has been practicing this profession for 20 years and her works are a just amazing.

When she published this photo, challenging her audience to "find the woman in photography", many Internet users have found it difficult to spot it.

If this is not the first time that Jörg Düsterwald has created puzzles through her make-up, it is difficult to solve!

When you take a look at the photo, you notice a beautiful autumnal landscape. There is not the shadow of a woman... But...


You still have not spotted it, have you? Well, the woman is sitting at the foot of the tree and her legs seem to be covered with leaves. She is camouflaged wonderfully with the tree.

See more stunning photos of this artist below:

Source: · Photo Credit: AWM

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