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Create an ocean of colorful foaming soap

Create an ocean of colorful foaming soap
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More and more people in day care centers, in schools and even in familial contexts are promoting sensory activities, because such activities have enormous benefits to the good development of children.

And if you wanted to do it occasionally with your kids, we recommend this one. It is simple to realize, it is economical, is the children love it!

It is a colored foam that is thickened with cornstarch or flour, that is then put into a wide bucket with low edges in which we add figurines of marine animals. The children must then fetch the figurines in the foam with their hands, without seeing what lies beneath this colorful foam! Kind of like a ''Fort Boyard'' challenge, the game show, without being afraid! A sweet, fun and simply beautiful experience for young children.

Here is the ocean of colorful moss.

You will need:

- One 1/2 cup (125 ml) of hot water

- 30 ml (2 tablespoons) of dish soap

- 30 ml (2 tablespoons) of cornstarch (or corn flour)

- Blue food coloring (or aqua color if in liquid)

- One electric mixer

- Figurines of marine animals

- A bucket

How to do:

1) In an electric mixer, add water, dish soap, cornstarch or corn flour, and the food coloring

2) Mix at high speed until the formation of stiff peaks

3) Depending on the dish soap used, you may need to adjust the quantities

4) It is the starch or corn flour that helps the mousse to become firm, so if the mousse lacks firmness, add a little starch or flour and a little dish soap

5) Then pour the foam into the wide bucket with low edges and drop the marine animals that will wedge at the bottom of the bucket

6) And then ask the children to search the bottom of the bucket to find all the animals in the moss, like a hidden treasure!

7) Give the children a second bucket to rinse the toys! They can have fun for hours!

Watch the video to fully understand all the simple steps of this beautiful sensory activity

No, the recipe does not stain!

Source: sensory play for kids

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Source: sensoryplayforkids · Photo Credit: sensoryplayforkids

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