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Decoupage activity to practice fine motor skills

Decoupage activity to practice fine motor skills
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The mom who runs the blog Mamily Maven has performed a superb activity with her children that helps them practice their fine motor skills since the start of summer.

And they love the activity so much, that they made a ton of characters, some with hair cut shorter, and they become more colorful as they keep creating more; to the point that they created an entire village!

The children cannot stop making more funny characters, because they love giving them haircuts! And so, they also get to practice their fine motor skills at the same time!

And that's good, because they will be starting school shortly.

They then get to have fun with all the characters in the big village they've created at home.

Do you also end up with a lot of empty toilet paper rolls at home? Would you like to learn how to use these as an arts and craft project with the kids?

What you'll need:

-Empty toilet paper rolls

-Or empty rolls of paper towel, cut in half

-Safe scissors kids can use

-Wax crayons


-Water paint, acrylic paint, or gouache (poster paint)

-Paint brushes or sponge brushes

- (optional) Ribbon, glitter, glue, faux jewelry, stickers, etc.

How to:

1) Start by asking the children to draw the faces of all the characters they want on the rolls of toilet paper

2) Next, ask the children to color the hair of each character on about 3 cm of the top of the rolls of toilet paper with wax crayons, markers, or the paint type of your choice

3) But if the children prefer not to color the hair of their characters, that's ok too! Notice on the picture below, only one character has colored hair. Keep in mind that this is a fine motor skills workshop, to learn how to cut and not to color. Coloring is optional

4) Then offer the scissors to the children and ask them to cut the hair of their characters, but very finely to give their characters a nice and as straight as possible haircut

5) And then they can finish by decorating their characters with ribbons, glitter, stickers, and whatever they want!


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