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Defrost your meat in just a few minutes with this safe method!

Defrost your meat in just a few minutes with this safe method!
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How do you defrost your beef, your pork, your frozen chicken?

In the microwave? This is really the worst method: heat shock affects the texture and taste of the meat, by cooking it in small sections. Avoid it altogether!

On the kitchen counter? You really should not defrost meat or poultry on the counter because the bacteria grow at room temperature and the risk of food poisoning is very high. To avoid!

In the fridge? Many people defrost their meat in the refrigerator, yet this is a serious mistake. According to a Swedish scientist, Susanne Ekstedt, who has been researching this issue: letting frozen food slowly melt in the refrigerator promotes the proliferation of bacteria and should be avoid!

What solution do we have left?

The researcher has only one recommendation: put the meat in a Ziplock plastic bag anddip the bag in a bowl of very cold water.

After just one hour, your meat will be defrost in large part: it depends of course on the size. But this is the method I have been using for years and I assure you that it is very very effective!

According to the researcher, water "helps the food to defrost more quickly than all other techniques, as well as preventing the multiplication of bacteria" Because the meat defrost quickly in a cold environment.

Source: Medisite · Photo Credit: Fotolia

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