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Did you know that your bedroom can actually make you sick? Here are some tips to prevent this situation.

Did you know that your bedroom can actually make you sick? Here are some tips to prevent this situation.
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Oh, the comfort and pure delight of a freshly made bed! Our bedroom looks like a cocoon of happiness in which we spend a lot of time each night. The average adult sleeps about 7 hours, which is about 30% of our days.

And, to sleep soundly, we know all the tricks: avoid screens (TV, smartphone, tablet, laptop etc...) and stimulants before going to bed, maintain a cool temperature in the bedroom, get some opaque curtains, develop a pre-bedtime routine .. .

But in addition to a good sleep regimen, it is also important that your room is clean, fresh and free from dust accumulation.

If you wake up more and more often with headaches and feeling congested, it is possible that the bedroom where you sleep needs a deep cleaning and some modifications.

Follow these tips that will help stop your bedroom from making you sick over time.

1. Beware of what might be there, beneath your bed

Yes, under the bed is where things like dust balls and dirt can often accumulate; it is therefore recommended that you clean under your bed at least once every season, and, if you also use this space to store items in bins, you should perform a deep clean of these these as well.

Meticulously vacuum under your beds, and, if your vacuum is not already equipped with a a powerful brush and anti-mite piece,seriously consider purchasing one specially designed for carpeted floors and say goodbye to nasty accumulations of dust.


2. The importance of clean and comfortable sheets

You may be tempted to "forget" to change your sheets regularly if this task seems exhausting or if you just feel that they are not dirty. But ideally, it is recommended to wash them once a week, especially if you tend to sweat at night.

And opt for natural fabric that will give enable a dreamlike sleep and allow your skin to breathe. There's no worse feeling than itchy sheets that build-up heat and dampness. Good news though! There is a wide variety of hypoallergenic sheets available, more specifically those made of microfiber soft and lightor organic cotton.


3. Opt for washable pillows

Pillows also accumulate all kinds of potentially allergenic materials, not to mention the multitude of mites that live there.

Some types of pillows are hardly machine washable and need to be professionally washed or only the covers can be washed, so why not opt for pillows that can easily be washed in the comfort of your own home? It is suggested that they be washed twice per year or better yet, every time the seasons change.

And. with thishypoallergenic and easy maintenance pillow,which has become a fan favorite to many, you can kill two birds with one stone ... and surely dream even more beautiful dreams!


4. Your mattress can also be the source of many problems

It is well known that mattresses can contain a lot of allergens which, for some people, such as asthmatics, can cause all kinds of problems of varying degrees of severity.

How to remedy this situation? Vacuum your mattress from time to time, and, ideally from all angles.

Experts also suggest choosing a mattress made of natural materials and covering it with awaterproof cover;this prevents allergens and mold from accumulating, allows air to circulate, and can easily be washed.


5. Is the air in your room fresh?

Is the air you breathe during your sleep fresh and free of particles that could make you sick?

There are ways to filter out various types of particles such as pollen, dust, mold spores, pet dander and smoke which then allows you to sleep peacefully without the presence of all these irritations to your respiratory system and your overall health.

TheBionaire air purifier with night lightmaintains air quality, purifies and revitalizes the air in the room. Ideal for any bedroom, children's included!


So now, lie back, relax and get ready for the most peaceful sleep without having to worry about your health being compromised by harmful particles while you sleep!

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