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Discover the easy way to thread a needle.

Discover the easy way to thread a needle.
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Everyone has tried to thread a needle and most of us have therefore known how stressful this can be! Sewing is a pretty important skill, but few of us really paid attention to it until we left the nest and a hole appeared in our favorite sweater...

Moreover, when you have bad eyes or hands that tend to shake, trying to thread a thin thread into a microscopic hole can seem impossible ...

screenshot - YouTube - honeybee

But the video at the bottom of this page shows us that it's all possible. Finally, we can all master the art of threading thanks to this super simple technique. You have to see it to believe!

The tutorial begins with an elderly man explaining how difficult it can be to thread a needle. He first demonstrates the traditional method of trying to pass the end of the thread through the microscopic hole of the needle. It took this man several attempts to achieve it.

This man has discovered a new technique that is completely beyond us. It almost looks like magic! Yet it's so simple that anyone can do it! The viewers who watched the video were stunned! Someone shared the video on Twitter, and it did not take long for this sewing trick to go viral!

screenshot - YouTube - honeybee

Many other Twittersphere members around the world have said that they cannot believe that they have never heard of this before; it's so simple! It really makes sense when you see it, and you will be completely amazed to realize that the solution for threading a needle was literally in the palm of your hand!

screenshot - YouTube - honeybee

Try this method so that you do not want to give up completely when the thread persists in refusing to enter the eye of the needle. You will be more zen and you will have more mended clothing!

See the trick in the following video:

Source: APost · Photo Credit: capture d'écran - YouTube - honeybee

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