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Discover the interior of the most luxurious cave in the world!

Discover the interior of the most luxurious cave in the world!
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An amazing home!

The so-called "most luxurious cave in the world" was put up for sale, and yes, we are far from the cave dwellings of our ancestors.

Although actively used for exploration since the early 1800s, this Arkansas cave remained unchanged until 1983. It was at this point that its vocation changed.

I invite you to discover what lies behind these stone walls: an incredible cave that has been transformed into an incredible residence!

It's impossible not to be speechless in front of such a home.

Enjoy the tour!

$146 000

Celestial Tea co-founder John Hay bought the cave and its 256 acres in the 1980s for just $146 000 USD. He believed that this cave could be an incredible hiding place if things turned for the worse during the years of the cold war.

2 million for transformations/renovations

He then spent four years and 2 million dollars converting the cave into a fallout shelter. An article in People magazine in 1988 stated that the 20 workers had removed 250 million years of lime from the underground chamber. The first glimpse upon entering is breathtaking.

Living room

When one thinks of all the work that has been invested to transform this cave into a dwelling, one can only remain speechless in front of such a result. The house has all the modern conveniences of a regular home, including a 75-inch LED TV in the living room.

Walls that are 3 feet thick

The mouth of the cave was then covered with concrete walls three feet thick built with stone extracted from the quarry.


There were openings for the oak-paneled kitchen and living room windows and for a vaulted walnut entrance. What do you think of the kitchen? The room opens onto a nice dining room and the living room, just a few steps away. Just because this kitchen is located in a cave does not mean it is not well equipped; it contains high-end appliances.


This cave has 4 bedrooms. All rooms are rich in natural rock formations as most of the cave has been preserved during all phases of construction and renovation.

Other bedrooms

I imagine that sleeping in a cave would be heavenly for people who like to sleep in total silence.


The cave also has several bathrooms, 4 in total. Taking a shower here must be a memorable experience.

Transformed into a hotel

Did you know that the owner of this cave uses it as a hotel? People pay up to $1200 per night to experience sleeping the night here. The cave also has tunnels to explore.

5800 square feet

This unique cave has 5800 square feet of living space, not including the tunnels available to explore. There are 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with a large kitchen, dining room and living room.

What would you say to living in a cave?

It seems that many buyers are interested in buying this cave. I am very curious to know your impressions of it.

The view

People who feel a little confined can go out on the patio and admire the view of the property. Let's not forget that it has more than 256 acres.


Admit that it's pretty impressive as a home, right? Would you live in a cave?

Source: Bored panda · Photo Credit: Bored panda

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