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Do not buy chicken breasts with white lines like that!

Do not buy chicken breasts with white lines like that!
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More and more at the grocery store, you see chicken breasts with white lines in the middle.

What is it? Fat simply.

The problem is that the fat is normally on the sides of the chest and it is easy to remove before cooking.

In the case of lines of fat that cross the breasts, it is impossible to remove them without destroying the breast!

These lines of fat began to appear in the breasts from chickens bred in captivity in horrendous conditions, force-fed to be fat as fast as possible without exercise. These chickens are overweight because they eat too much and do not move enough!

A study conducted by the University of Arkansas recently found that "The white lines has increased these last years". Actually they found white lines in 96% of the 300 hens tested!

According to researchers, these chicken breasts are not only more fat, they are also less tender and more fibrous.

The poultry remains good to eat, but if you have choice at the grocery store between a beautiful chest without line of fat and another full of white lines, you know what to do!

Source: Mirror · Photo Credit: Mirror

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