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Do not drink very cold water anymore! Here is the reason why you should stop!

Do not drink very cold water anymore! Here is the reason why you should stop!
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Guilty! I drink my water very, very cold all the time. I keep it in the fridge because the tap water is not cold enough for me ...

Looks like I'll have to change that habit! And you too, unfortunately, if that's what you do. I love super cold water but it's not good for the body as you will see.

Digestive system

Cold water slows down digestion because it helps to solidify the fats contained in the food.

Warm water, on the other hand, helps digest food faster and at the same time helps to prevent constipation by being better absorbed by the digestive system.

Respiratory system

Cold water promotes the accumulation of mucus, which causes a greater risk of infections in the ears, nose and throat.

Warm water has the opposite effect: it soothes the throat, relieves irritation and helps to dilute the mucus and eliminate it.

Blood system

Cold water also has an effect on the blood by contracting the blood vessels, so the blood is thicker and circulates less well in the arteries.

With warm water, the blood vessels dilate and the blood circulation is improved.

The nervous system

Drinking very cold water can cause a headache, especially in people who are prone to migraines. Not to mention the "Brain freeze" effect that the cold can also have on the whole brain!

Hot water relieves pain: as it was said, it promotes blood circulation, but also tensions due to stress and fatigue as well. It is especially recommended to help eliminate spasms.

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