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Do not throw away your empty bottles: they are absolutely perfect to decorate the house!

Do not throw away your empty bottles: they are absolutely perfect to decorate the house!
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To decorate the house in an original way, keep your empty bottles! Wine bottles and other glass bottles are too often neglected, while they are perfect for decorating the home.

I found 11 ideas, there are many more than that and seeing these photos you will probably have more!

First remove all labels from the bottles to have a smooth surface.

These decorations have been transformed with different materials, easy to find, so use what you already have on hand.

Vase. Assembler on rustic wooden boards, the bottles become pretty flower vases.

Souvenirs. By adding sand, shells, jewelry, photos, you can easily create a lovely set souvenir of holidays and the beautiful life!

Colors. If you paint small bottles of soft drinks of a different color, you can reuse them to serve drinks and cocktails to your guests: each one will have its bottle and will not lose its glass among others!

Patterns. Create patterns on a bottle with hot glue or 3D paint, then cover it with metallic paint for a spectacular effect!

Paper. First paint the bottles of a solid color in harmony with your decor and stick booklets or magazine with Mod Podge in glossy finish. Everyone will notice this decoration

Salt. Paint a bottle, let it dry and then coat it with Mod Podge. Then roll the bottle in coarse salt. The special texture of the bottle will attract every eye!

Candles. Use a set of bottles of different heights as candlesticks!

Message. Using several painted bottles in the same color, write a word by drawing letters on the front.

Manger. It's a good idea to use a bottle as a bird feeder!

Glasses. With the appropriate tool, cut the upper part of the bottles and sand the edges: you have glasses that did not cost you anything!

Lighting. Bottles filled with oil and a wick become a source of wall lighting. Very nice for a warm atmosphere. Of course, the wall lights must respect the safety rules: you do not want to fire!

So? What is your favorite idea? Do you have other ideas to decorate your house with bottles?

Source: Shareably · Photo Credit: Shareably

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