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Do not throw toilet paper rolls anymore! Here are 10 ways to reuse them everywhere in the house!

Do not throw toilet paper rolls anymore! Here are 10 ways to reuse them everywhere in the house!
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10 ways to reuse them!

We consume them at an INCREDIBLE speed!

Place a box in the garage, just for the rolls of toilet paper and the rolls of paper towels. And look at the amount you'll have accumulated after a month!

You will be so surprised to see the amount accumulated in this box! PHEW!

So why not use these rolls to make perfect accessories !?

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A wall decoration

Cut out "slices" in a roll of toilet paper, spray in any color, bend lightly, glue with a hot glue gun to each other and then around a mirror to do a nice wall decoration!

Store small cars

Arrange all rolls of toilet paper in an old shoebox or wooden box to store and organize all small cars! Then place the box vertically! It is great!

Start plant shoots



Fold one side of the rolls of toilet paper and stuff them with soil and seeds! Place them all in a plastic tray near a sunny window and water regularly to start your shoots in the spring!

A pencil case or for the workshop


Glue the rolls on a large cardboard with a hot glue gun and spray a color of your choice with acrylic paint! Nothing is simpler to store all your DIY stuff.

A natural bird feeder



Apply peanut butter to a roll of toilet paper and roll it into bird seeds. Then hang the rolls to a branch with a string. Birds will be so grateful!

Organize your wires


Use them to store all the extra wires you have at home! Right the description of the wire on the cardboard in order to find its utility. Place all the rolls in an old shoe box in a closet. Everything will be in the same place.

Storing yarn and wool

Use them to wrap all the remaining embroidery yarn and wool you have left! A beautiful way to organize the sewing workshop without spending a penny.

For fabrics scraps

Store all fabric scraps in a drawer! Organize it by color!

Protect wrapping paper

Cut the paper in the length and put it into the roll of paper!

Gift wrapping


Make lovely little gift wrappers by folding the ends! Add a strip of colored paper and a nice ribbon or string and the trick is done!

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