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Do you know about the Ecocapsule?

Do you know about the Ecocapsule?
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A small self-sustainable home!

The Ecocapsule is an intelligent and autonomous micro-home that uses solar and wind energy. It allows you to stay in remote locations out of reach from infrastructure but with the luxury of a hotel room!

Ecocapsule; the way to design independent housing. It can serve as a cottage, a temporary hotel room, travel trailer, mobile office, research station or whatever you want it to be!

Curious to learn more about this concept? Come discover what"s inside!

Nice Architects company

This solar capsule was built by the company Nice Architects, a company in Bratislava. This allows two people to live off the grid for about 1 year!

Other information

The Ecocapsule does not require a building permit but you may need permission from the owner or appropriate authorities, depending on where you choose to install it. The manufacturers of this capsule strongly recommend you check with the local authorities and/or check the regulations of your country or region in this regard.

Starting from $120,000

People who are interested in buying an Ecocapsule will have to spend about $120,000 to get one. The company explains that for all those who would like their own Ecocapsule but cannot afford the current price, the company guarantees that cost for the capsule will decrease as production increases in the future.


The small 120-square-foot (approximate) capsule offers residents a place to sleep, a small work space, a bathroom with toilet and shower, and a tiny kitchenette, as well as storage space.


Residents also have a small, ergonomic bathroom with shower, toilet and sink with mirror! The Ecocapsule's bathroom works just like any other bathroom and is equipped with a faucet and a water-saving shower-head.

The water tank is a large capacity tank and you can add water from any source: either collected rainwater or water from any other external source (stream, lake, camp water, etc.). The water is cleaned by a series of filters, including a reverse osmosis filter. This system filters 99.998% of the dirt and toxins so you have clean, usable water. Drinking water is also available from faucets equipped with filters.

I am completely amazed by this tiny capsule, you?

An innovative concept!
The furniture of the small capsule is made from lightweight honeycomb-shaped panels with a wood veneer finish. The furniture includes a desk, closets, shelves, a folding bed with mattress (2m x 1.45m / 6.5ft x 4.7ft when unfolded), kitchen cabinets and a luggage closet.

An interesting concept?

So? What do you think of this tiny housing concept? Is this not an interesting new concept for the environment? Feel free to leave me your comments regarding this capsule! For more information, click on the link at the bottom of the article!

Source: Ecocapsule · Photo Credit: Ecocapsule

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