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Do you wash new clothes before wearing them for the first time?

 Do you wash new clothes before wearing them for the first time?
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A professor of dermatology at Columbia University in New York, Donald Belsito who specializes in contact dermatitis, a skin reaction caused by exposure to allergens or irritants found in clothing, conclued that it is necessary to wash new clothes before wearing them.

The answer might surprise you but there are a few reasons why this practice is important. 

Belsito concluded that clothes in stores contain the dyes and formaldehyde resins can cause skin irritation, and allergic reactions.

What is formaldehyde resin and dye?  According to the dermatologist, the two main culprit allergens found in new clothes are dye and formaldehyde resin (a form of polymer that notably prevents cotton from wrinkling). Most synthetic textiles are dyed with dyes that can cause small skin inflammations or even severe reactions. In short: It itches, peels or blushes the skin! 

You do not know who has tried on a piece of clothing before you, so certain contagious diseases such as scabies, lice, as well as certain fungi… might be left on the clothing.  So imagine a woman with the flu tries on a t-shirt at the store, sneezes on it, and ultimately decides not to take it.

You arrive after her and you wear the T-shirt without washing it: in addition to a new top, you also buy all of her germs. So you got yourself a good flu!

Also, think about this: where did a new t-shirt go before it ended up in our closet? Because even though it says "Made in" on your t-shirt, that doesn't mean it hasn't been colored in a second country, or assembled in a third. And not all of these countries have the same laws on the use of chemicals, for example! 

Dr. Belsito himself washes his new clothes twice before wearing them, before concluding: "Being a dermatologist, I have seen some really strange things, so I prefer not to take any chances." 

What about you? Do you wash new clothes? Will you be washing your clothing items twice from now on? 

Source: Eddenya · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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