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Don't have a green thumb? Then these “dolphin” plants are just perfect for you

Don't have a green thumb? Then these “dolphin” plants are just perfect for you
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There are two types of people on Earth: those who have a green thumb and those who do not!

It is not always easy to maintain a perfect garden or simply to keep a plant healthy (or even alive!) in the house.

We can forget to water our plants, or give them too much or too little sun ... It's a human error!

If you don't really have talent when it comes to plants, you may feel like giving up on having them in your home or you are on the verge of giving up.

But, before depriving yourself completely of houseplants, have you given any thought to "succulents"? The succulent plant, also called Malacophyte, is a fleshy plant adapted to survive in "more hostile" environments. They are quite robust, grow fairly quickly and require much less attention than most other plants.

There are many types of succulents on the market, but it is a favorite, both for adults and children!

You cannot help but love these!

Succulent "dolphins"! Yes, there really is a plant that looks like tiny jumping dolphins and it's so sweet!

This pretty plant is a hybrid of the "hot dog cactus" and the succulent "pearl necklace".

If you too want to adopt these small plant dolphins, here is what you need to know about this plant before buying it.

This succulent is an excellent houseplant because it prefers cool air and will grow even better when you have the air conditioner on during the hot summer months! The ideal temperature during plant growth is 24°C (72 ° F). In winter, the plant can tolerate temperatures as low as 10°C (50°F)!

Although terrariums of succulents are popular, it is better to leave this plant out in open air.

The plant should be watered about once a week during growth season and only about once a month when it is dormant. You should wait until the soil is completely dry before watering again.

These plants also like bright and indirect light. They will be happy near a sunny window.

That's all it takes for your succulent dolphins to thrive in your home!

If you want to get this great succulent hybrid, talk to a gardening center employee in your area, order the seeds to plant yours from Amazon, for example.

screenshot - YouTube - XtremeCollectionS

By the way, this plant also has tiny pink and white flowers! No plant can be prettier than these little dolphins jumping among tiny pink and white flowers!

If you are looking for other original plants of the succulent family, know that there are some in the shape of roses, rabbit ears, multicolored and more! You may develop a passion for this family of plants!

Source: TipHero · Photo Credit: ddddddddd

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