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Firefighters are warning people! All parents should know this!

Firefighters are warning people! All parents should know this!
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Firefighters say that charging a phone under a pillow could cause the charger to overheat and the bed or pillow may catch fire.

We will never repeat it enough and this is not a myth or an urban legend, it is a real danger and all parents should be aware of it, since most young people charge their smartphones this way.

If you know teenagers or children who own cell phones, please advise them to not do this. They probably already had the warning. But as in anything, we always think that it happens to others!

Until one day it happens to us!

We know that our youngsters are on their phones in the evening before sleeping rather than reading a good book and the charger is close to their heads of course, the thread is so short. It's obvious that most young people charge their phones in their beds.

Very recently in Newton, New Hampshire, a terrible accident occurred. Someone fell asleep with his phone plugged in and the phone was, of course, in his bed. The charger was overheated to such an extent that it caught fire.

Think about it! How often do you (or your children, or your grandchildren) fall asleep while charging your phone in bed? Does that sound harmless? Yet we are talking about fire here!

Be careful! Prohibit your children from charging their phones into the bed. Whether it is an original charger or a copy, do not charge a cell phone under the blankets or pillows. The wire and the phone overheat and risk catching fire!

Research shows that 53% of children/teenagers load their phone or tablet in their bed or under the pillow.

"The heat generated by the charger can not be dissipated and becomes hotter and warmer and the pillowcase or pillowcase catches fire! Putting the house in great danger. Please make sure to see where you and your family members charge their cell phones"

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