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Follow these simple sterilization rules and you'll be able to put everything you want in jars!

Follow these simple sterilization rules and you'll be able to put everything you want in jars!
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Canning has been practiced around the world for a very long time ... Sterilization of food is a process that is not complicated, but still needs to be done properly in order to safely preserve your food for long periods of time..

In order to have good vegetables all the winter and to enjoy the discounts of the time of the harvests, this is the best solution!

Here's how:

  • For equipment, you have two choices: either you buy the sterilization kit sold in the kitchen shops, or you do it yourself.
  • Personally, I do it myself.
  • Rather than buying the pan with the included stand, I took my large saucepan and placed a silicone dish in the bottom (the jars should not be placed directly in the bottom of the pan ).
  • You must first sterilize the empty jars. Place the clean jars in the pan filled with water and boil them for 10 minutes.
  • Place the rings in a small saucepan next to it and boil for 10 minutes.
  • Two minutes before the end of the time, add the sealing covers in the pan of rings and stop the heat.
  • You should not leave the lids too long and in boiling water, as this will break the rubber sealing ability.
  • Equip yourself with a pot holder and take out the jars from the pan.
  • Place a funnel (made for canning) on the sterile jar, then fill it with your preparation.
  • Fill your jar to the first row.
  • Before removing a ring and a lid, wipe the covers (especially the seals) with a clean cloth.
  • Also wipe the rim of the jar.
  • When all your jars are full and closed, immerse them in boiling water.

The rule to respect for the time is this one:

  • If it is cooked vegetarian recipes (jams, ketchup, chutney, tomatoes), let it boil for 10 minutes.
  • If it is preparation with meat, meat broth or animal substances, boil 60 minutes minimum, 90 minutes maximum.

When the time is up, take your jars out carefully.

  • Put them on a cloth, on the counter and listen to the merry symphony of lids that "pop".

Caning is not complicated and it is so practical! ;-)

Source: foodinjars · Photo Credit: Capture image via foodinjars

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