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For a home suitable for all situations while moving

For a home suitable for all situations while moving
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Summer is here, and many people have been planning to move for the past few weeks or even months.

The moving period can be stressful for most of us, so, imagine the anxiety when a person changing address lives with an injury or is the victim of a situation that requires special care and medical equipment.

Whether the person already uses different items to make life easier or needs to get the new home ready for the first time, it is essential for them to make the right decision with the appropriate information.

If you are unsure of what you may need, talk to the staff at MedEquip: they have more than 40 years of experience in this specialized segment of products.

Foresee the required installations

Whether it is for the in-home care of a senior, for a family member who is living with a disability or for someone whose recovery requires specialized equipment, we must, first of all, anticipate what equipment is needed.

It is crucial to adapt the amenities of the new home according to the needs of the elderly, injured or disabled person, but also, according to their lifestyle and the type of housing.

In case of a person whose mobility is reduced, will it be necessary to plan changes in the bathroom? Will the new occupant require grab bars for the shower or bathtub or safety seat for the toilet or tub? If the person is using a wheelchair or a walker, it may be necessary to consider ramps. Will a specialized bed or rehabilitation equipment be required in the new home?

So many questions! That’s why you should discuss it with MedEquip. They will take the time to accommodate you and support you in all your steps.

And in the case of an accident?

Moving involves a lot of physical effort that can sometimes result in an ugly sprain, a broken arm, or back injury. Of course, we still hope that the move will happen smoothly, but in case of an injury, you may need orthopedic equipment or crutches for a short period. Once again, MedEquip can help you navigate through the range of medical equipment available on the market and even offer you the opportunity to rent the needed equipment temporarily.

What if you had your equipment repaired rather than buying new equipment?

The period before the move is not only the time to clean up the house, but it to assess the condition of the medical equipment to move from one home to another. If it is damaged, entrust it to Medequip’s personnel who will repair it. They can also lend you replacement equipment during the time needed for repair.

The important thing is that the new home is safe, equipped with reliable products so that the person can live comfortably and feel at home.

Medequip’s courteous and qualified staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the design of a new home for someone with special needs.

They are here to advise you! Contact them at (514) 697-8868, or visit their website.

Source: MedEquip · Photo Credit: Fotolia

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