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Get rid of warts, brown spots and skin tags quickly and effectively!

Get rid of warts, brown spots and skin tags quickly and effectively!
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Small skin problems cause us many troubles, the main thing is that we hate their appearance and the sick look that it gives us.

Rather than buying creams, lotions and treatments that are often very expensive in pharmacy. I offer you very effective natural solutions to treat these skin problems.


Millions of people have warts on their hands and feet, so it should help several! There are 3 ingredients that are equivalent, it's up to you! There are garlic (crush the garlic clove), cider vinegar and honey. No matter what ingredient you use, just cover the wart with the ingredient, then add a bandage so that it stays in place overnight. Repeat for several days until the wart is completely gone.

Brown spots

To whiten the brown spots on the face, torso, arms, use lemon juice with some water. Soak a cotton pad and rub the affected area for a few minutes. Aloe vera also gives good results, if we let it at least 30 minutes twice a day.

Skin tags

Those who have acrochordons - small pieces of flesh that hang - very visible on the eyelids, nose, neck, chest can eliminate them naturally by using cider vinegar. It is necessary to soak a cotton pad with cider vinegar and to rub each skin tags with the vinegar. Repeat every day, the skin tags will dry and fall on their own. Tea tree essential oil also gives very good results if you apply 2 to 3 times a day.

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