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Grease, dirt ... your oven will never have been so sparkling thanks to these tips!

Grease, dirt ... your oven will never have been so sparkling thanks to these tips!
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Get a clean and sparkling oven in no time, without too much effort and using products you probably already have in the house.

Inexpensive tips that you've never heard before.

Of course, we're still telling about vinegar and baking soda, but would you consider using some car wax as a home cleaner.

Here are 10 tricks that will make this unpleasant task easier for you.The tips come from an oven cleaning expert, Rik Hellewell, who has a oven cleaning business

1. Create your own house cleaning product, a simple mixture of white vinegar and baking soda works wonders to help remove grease and dirt, Spray the mixture over the area you need to treat and let it rest for 30 minutes. You should be able to easily erase the dirt.

2. Clean the shelf by soaking it a water bath containing 1/4 glass of bicarbonate. Soak for over an hour.

3. Use an old electric toothbrush, the vibration will help to dislodge the burned food.

4. Use a scraper, it is ideal for removing tough stains in the door and at the bottom of your oven.

5. Use vegetable oil, this may sound strange, but you can eliminate the accumulation of grease, with oil. In fact, this technique will make future cleaning easier. Place a few drops of vegetable oil on a paper towel and scrub it on the greasy area. The oil helps eliminate grease without using aggressive chemicals. Once cleaned, spray the areas with an all-purpose oven cleaner to ensure that no oil remains.

6. The magic eraser does miracles on the shelf and in the window of the oven.

7. Using car wax on grease, a thin layer of car wax at the bottom of the oven can help remove the accumulated fat. Just apply and clean. Then sprinkle a little baking soda and a few drops of water. Then clean with a soft cloth.

8. Using cream of tartar, the cream of tartar may seem like a strange cleaning product to use on your oven, but it is extremely effective in keeping the stainless steel shiny. Just apply with a thin cloth, let it go 10 minutes, then wipe.

9. A bowl of water and lemon or a few drops of vanilla essence. A disagreeable odor like the one of fish, a few drops of vanilla or citrus essence can work miracles. Simply add a few drops to a baking dish filled with water. Turn on the oven at low intensity for an hour and you will quickly eliminate bad odors.

10. Dishwasher tablets are excellent for removing stuck food. Take one dishwasher tablet and squash half of it in warm water. Then, rub the solution on the grease accumulated on the door of your oven.

Source: Daily mail · Photo Credit: Istock

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