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Great news: Chip and Joanna Gaines announced that they are bringing back their show the 'Fixer Upper'!

Great news: Chip and Joanna Gaines announced that they are bringing back their show the 'Fixer Upper'!
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The hit HGTV series 'Fixer Upper' had over 20 million viewers when it ended in 2018. After transforming over 50 houses into their signature farmhouse style, the famous couple hung up their belts to focus on family as they welcomed their fifth child later that same year. But also took the time to expand their own brand : Magnolia.

If you are missing the very popular unscripted show or Chip's jokes, we have so great news for you! 'Fixer Upper' will be back in 2021 with a slight change, on a new network. In fact, it will be available on Magnolia Network, which is a joint venture between the Gaines' and Discovery Inc. a channel that will replace the DIY Network when it debuts in 2021.

"These past few years, we’ve continued tackling renovations and projects, doing the work we’re passionate about, but I don’t think either of us anticipated how the show would become such a permanent fixture in our hearts," said the famous couple. 

"In a lot of ways, the show is going to pick up right where it left off," Chip wrote in the Magnolia blog. "These years in between have taught us a lot about ourselves and how we operate best, so we’re likely to do a few things a little differently this time around."

Here's a little teaser of what's coming if you can't wait!

If you are interested in having your home renovated by the Gaine's, it might be possible! You need to own a home in or near Waco and also:

  • Be 21 years or older
  • Have a $50k minimum renovation budget
  • Be willing to to hand over creative control to Chip and Joanna Gaines, their design and construction teams, and Magnolia Network
  • Be able to vacate the property during the renovation, which is expected to start in fall 2020

If you meet the above requirements click here to apply.

Were you a fan of the show when it aired on HGTV? Will you be watching again?

Source: CNN · Photo Credit: Instagram @magnolianetwork

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