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Have you heard of the Sakura house in wheels?

Have you heard of the Sakura house in wheels?
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420 square feet

Did you know that businesses in Canada are also building beautiful tiny homes? Have you heard of Minimaliste?

This company builds beautiful tiny homes with high quality materials. The houses are customized according to the needs of each buyer.

Today I introduce you to the Sakura model, a 420-foot mini-house on wheels that will amaze you!

A house like this costs about 125,000 Canadian dollars plus taxes.

Enjoy the tour!


I find the bathroom very impressive. I never thought I'd find such a beautiful bathroom in such a small home! Its design stands out due to the variety of materials.

The bathroom, continued...

This bathroom has an elegant feel and more than enough storage space. I love it, you?

The room is very spacious for a tiny home bedroom. There is ample headroom and space to move around in here. A large window lets in brilliant natural light. Note the ceiling: Minimaliste pays a lot of attention to the smallest of details and this makes all the difference!

The bedroom and storage

The bedroom has hidden storage space on the back wall and under the bed!

The living room

What can we say about this gorgeous living room? Did you know that the living room also serves as a dining room? What a great idea! Look at these pictures! In two stages and three movements, the room is transformed and becomes a pleasant dining room.


I'm still spellbound by this kitchen! We see so many tiny homes that have ridiculously small kitchens in which it would be very uncomfortable to cook! This kitchen is absolutely fantastic!

The kitchen, continued...

I love the ergonomics of the room and the choice of materials! Did you notice there is even space for a washer/dryer unit?


The Sakura also has a loft that can be used for many functions. Did you know that this tiny home model has a large 40 x 40 inch skylight? This tiny home even comes with a rooftop terrace, which can be accessed through the loft.

$125,000 plus taxes!

This model sells for $125,000 Canadian dollars, plus taxes. You should know that the company builds custom houses according to the tastes and needs of its customers.

To learn more, click on the link at the bottom of the article. I'd love to know what you think of this tiny home model. I must confess that I find the Sakura model very beautiful and very practical!

Source: Minimaliste · Photo Credit: Minimaliste

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