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He drills holes in 4 boilers to grow tomato plants! Next year I will do like him!

He drills holes in 4 boilers to grow tomato plants! Next year I will do like him!
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I visited a friend and she introduced me to her neighbor who was growing tomato plants in an unusual way! I had NEVER seen this! I could not believe how brilliant it was!

My tomatoes plant are stolen every year by squirrels, just before they are beautiful and well ripe!

Just for a bite! Then they leave them there, drag on the lawn! Arghhhh! It's frustrating!

But this is not the only advantage! The stems are not overload. No need for prop, the stems do not bend under the weight of the other stems! Fertilizer goes straight to the roots! This is ideal! Would you like to try it too?


-Boilers (5 gallons)
-A drill
-A hole saw to make the big holes in the middle of the boilers
-A drill bit to make the small holes all around
-Permeable geotextile to prevent the soil from falling when you water your tomato plants


1) Drill a hole in the center with the hole saw

2) Then small holes all around

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Like this!

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3) Use a boiler to draw the circles in the permeable geotextile, stick the circles as much as possible on one another to waste as less as possible, there is a lot of loss here.

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5) Fold the circles in half and make a cut in the center.

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6) Place the sheets of permeable geotextile to the bottom of the boilers, add the compost, it is now the time to plant your tomato plants!

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There you go!

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Your tomato plants will produce a lot!

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Yummy... fresh tomatoes! There is nothing better!

And you can eat plenty of tomatoes!

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