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He drills holes in a bottle and shows us a method to water our garden

He drills holes in a bottle and shows us a method to water our garden
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If you have flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables in your garden, you probably wonder like all of us every time you water them: do I water them too much?

Of course, there are signs that our flowers, plants, fruits or vegetables are too often watered. For example, we can see the leaves turn yellow. Or some varieties of white flowers will become pink with the extra water.

But we do not want to get there. So, how can we not drown our flowers, our plants and our fruits and vegetables in the garden when we lack a little experience?

Well, there is a very simple way! A method as old as the world and used in old countries! Do like this man!

He had the brilliant idea to pierce all the water bottles he collected from several tiny holes to feed the plants from their roots! A bit like people did at the time with the terracotta jugs that they buried under the ground near plants and flowers.

The water finally escaped from the terracotta to reach the roots of the plants. A very effective method to feed plants and flowers, without drowning them!

Now, you wonder what are the strips of tape on the bottle for?

Well it's just to prevent the drill bit from slipping on the top of the plastic bottle, before puncturing the plastic. Which would automatically happen without this brilliant trick!

Just had to think about it! This tip could help people who do not have a green thumb!

So, you still tend to drown your flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables in the garden? Think about this great trick! Feed them by the roots! Never again will they be drowned, because they will seek for themselves the water they need!

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