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He installs a kid pool in his garden! But does not use it at all for that! WOW!

He installs a kid pool in his garden! But does not use it at all for that! WOW!
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8 Super tips to do with a kid pool!

Kids pools are very cheap and you can use them for a lot of stuff you may have never thought of before!

Fortunately, thanks to the internet, we can now share to thousands of people, the brilliant tricks of people who have found a solution to a problem! Make it do or do without, as they say!

Thanks to the internet and Tips and Crafts, you too can now enjoy these super tips!

For the buffet!

Are you organizing a BBQ or corn roast? Keep all dishes cold in a pool filled with ice on the buffet table!

With sand

Make it a square of sand! Well, it will be round! Haha! But you will not have to build it! No equipment to buy, you will save a lot! It's awesome!

One night with your loved one

Inflate a children's pool and fill it with comfortable blankets and cushions to spend a summer night under the stars, together, just you and the one you love !!

For your little pets

Make a small enclosure for your pets! They will have a lot of space to play! A simple way to make an open cage!

Fill it with balls

You can get some balls in large quantities on amazon. 100 balls for $26 HERE. With an inflated pool, little ones will have a lot of fun.

To make soap bubbles

Do you often do giant soap bubbles? This is the perfect object for this recipe! A GREAT recipe: HERE

For Your Dog

Pinterest/Dog Tested Mother Approved

Your dog is also hot! You do not even have any idea how much he will love its pool this summer! Your animal will be so happy!

In the garden

If you do not have enough space to make a garden and you absolutely want to grow some vegetables. Install a pool on your balcony! You can now grow some vegetables and realize a cute vegetable garden!

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