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Her neighbor was looking too much through her windows: she solved the problem for good with ... cornstarch!

Her neighbor was looking too much through her windows: she solved the problem for good with ... cornstarch!
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We do not choose our neighbors and, unfortunately, we do not choose the place where the windows are located: it is enough for a neighbor to enter in our privacy and we are ready to barricade the window so that he does not watch us anymore.

Before using planks, nails and hammer, and even before you buy an opaque curtain that will completely cut the light along with the view, think a minute about this great trick.

Using a sticky paste made of cornstarch, you can stick a lace or fabric in a window to make it opaque.That way, the sun will enter your house but not the nosy neighbors!

Choose a lace or a transparent white fabric that lets the light through - in fine cotton or linen for example - and cut it out to the size of the Window.

For the glue, pour 1 cup of cornstarch and 1 cup of water into a saucepan and bring to a boil, stirring constantly until a sticky texture is obtained. Add a little bit water if it's too thick: you should be able to spread it on the window with a brush.

With a brush, apply glue to the window.

Glue the fabric or lace by pressing firmly to remove bubbles.

Start from the middle to the outside so that the glue is evenly distributed.

Apply another layer of glue over the fabric.

Allow to dry, then cut the fabric that exceeds to have a nice finish.

Within minutes you can protect yourself from unwanted looks! When you do not want it anymore, you can take off the filter without any problem by getting it very wet.

This video shows the version with a beautiful white fabric.

There are also Privacy vinyl rolls In renovation centers (Rona, Home Depot, etc.): the vinyl is pre-glued, just cut it and paste it!

At home, this is what I did for the window of the bathroom which gives directly to the neighbor. I chose a vinyl that imitates stained glass and I am very satisfied with the result. Here is what it gives.

Source: DIY Everywhere · Photo Credit: DIY Everywhere

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