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Here are 10 autumn activities to do with fallen leaves

Here are 10 autumn activities to do with fallen leaves
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Autumn is here and it will soon be time to pick up the fallen leavesl from the trees.

So think of keeping some of them for doing arts and crafts with the kids because we have 10 beautiful autumn activities, all to do with fallen leaves. These activities are beautiful, they are colorful and the children will love them!

If you cannot pick up fallen leaves from the ground around trees, you can create all these projects using artificial leaves. These can be found in in all department stores and dollar stores, in seasonal decorations. In addition, if you use artificial leaves, you can keep the projects for as long as you want. Like the idea of the mask made with autumn leaves. An interesting idea for a Halloween costume, for example.

Here are 10 fall activities to do with fallen or artificial leaves:

1) Using the children's hands as tracers, draw tree trunks and stick the leaves on the trunks.

2) On a piece of cardboard cut into the shape of a mask, glue dead leaves all over it.

3) Apply gouache or acrylic paint on leaves to make insects of all kinds. Use the stems of the leaves to make the snouts, or the tails of the insects.

4) Using recycled jar lids, craft fun mobiles with fallen leaves in so many colors.

5) Rake the leaves into a huge pile to entertain the kids on this special fall day ... Jumping or falling into a huge pile of fallen leaves is a beautiful classic tradition to start.

6) Stitch a beautiful wreath of fallen leaves with a paper plate that you can hang on the front door of your house.

7) Use these models to craft fun animals with children.

8) Make fall stained glass windows with two layers of self-adhesive paper and orange, yellow, beige and red tissue paper. Then cut shapes of fallen leaves.

9) Collect cardboard rolls (toilet paper rolls, paper towels, gift wrapping rolls, waxed paper rolls, aluminum, or cellophane) to make funny characters.

10) And finally, use fallen leaves or leaves that have not fallen yet to craft beautiful colorful butterflies!

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