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Here are 10 beautiful centerpieces for a decor brimming with freshness

Here are 10 beautiful centerpieces for a decor brimming with freshness
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We rarely think of lemon when it comes time to decorate our table! However, it is probably the fruit that will bring us the most radiance among all fruits and is easy to find in a fruit shop!

Another advantage to using it to decorate a table is that it preserves quite awhile! So you can keep your centerpiece for quite some time before consuming your lemons! And at the end of the week, you can use all these beautiful fresh lemons to make a delicious lemonade!


  • 1.25 L (5 cups) of ice water
  • 250 gr (1 cup) of white sugar
  • 1 cup (250 mL) lemon juice freshly squeezed (about 4 lemons)
  • Ice cubes

10 decor ideas in yellow and green for a table overflowing with freshness!

1) On a wooden platter lay decorative white pebbles. Cut and empty lemons that you fill with fresh mints. Empty limes and replace the lime flesh with tea lights.

2) Here is the best way to keep mosquitoes away! Light up the warm summer evenings and enjoy BBQ with friends!

3) Decorate your table with a simple centerpiece! Slice the top of the lemons and poke daisies freshly picked into them! After the meal, give each guest a small bowl and ask them to dip a lemon in each bowl. This will allow them to wash fingers after their meal.

4) On a metal or wooden tray, put candles of different colors and sizes and align lemons and limes to match the green and yellow to perfection!

5) If you do not have lemon on hand, try this! Collect a very large leaf that you will place on a large serving platter and add water to the leaf as well as pebbles and a large stone. Then put a candle in the center ... The magic will work!

6) Bet on yellow! Turn the red wine glass over and place sunflower flowers under the cups. Then put yellow candles on the feet of the cups!

7) Cut large slices of lemon and place them in a large vase before putting in beautiful yellow roses!

8) Place a smaller rectangular vase in a larger circular vase. Add water and slices of lemons! Then add sunflower flowers in the center vase!

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