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Here are 10 things we didn't know about these every day objects!

Here are 10 things we didn't know about these every day objects!
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Many of the things we use every day have a purpose we do not even know!

So much that we are used to using them in a particular way only!

But you will see in this article, that all these objects that we use in our daily lives

may be useful to you in any other way from now on!

All these objects are in fact, perfect life hacks .....

And we weren't even aware of this!

Hoping that you will discover beautiful new products ...



1) Embossed side on cotton removing make-up:

1) The smooth side is for removing make-up and cleansing the skin
2) While the embossed side is here for applying makeup!

And very few people know this !!

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2) A hole on the handle of your vacuum cleaner:

This hole was created to reduce the suction power of the device. It's handy to vacuum the curtains for example. This is also practical when something is caught in the brush or tube. By quickly opening this trap you quickly reduce the suction of air the time to stop the vacuum cleaner. This allows you to react faster to avoid overheating the motor of your vacuum cleaner. New vacuum cleaners are generally protected against this, but this trick could be used in older models.

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3) Tabs behind boots or shoes:

Obviously these tabs make it easier to put on boots or shoes. But these tabs are not just for that. They have 2 more utilities.
1)They were also created to attach the lace up to the ankle when needed.
2)They also serve as a support for hanging boots/shoes. A practical tip for drying them or preventing them from getting on the ground. Practical for soldiers, or for outdoor sports enthusiasts, such as hunting and fishing.

Photo credit :Kevin Spencer 

4) Teeth and hole on a tape measure!

Most people notice them but do not really care ..!
1) Use the teeth to mark the surface to be measured if you do not have a pencil on hand
2) Use the hole to plant a nail or screw if you are alone and you have a very long distance to measure

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5) Washers in Plastic Plugs:

Without these small washers, soft drinks lose their gas faster. The gas evaporates even through the plastic plug.

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6) A control mode on PVC windows:

If you have not seen the article on Tips and Crafts on this control system in the spring of 2017, here's a quick reminder. Some models of plastic windows (PVC) have a convenient mechanism that allows you to change the mode according to the season. Few people know that we can use the "summer" or "winter" settings and know that you should not use the "winter" mode all year. Because this uses the seal that insulates the window more quickly.

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7) The platform turns 180 ° on a stapler:

Very few people know this trick!

The platform can rotate 180 °, allowing you to staple sheets temporarily since the staple will be folded outward and not inward!

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8) The hole on the Chupa Chups:

Once the lollipop is finished, this stick becomes a whistle !!

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9) A small hole under a padlock:

If you find a small hole under one of your padlocks, you should know that this hole has several utilities.
1) It prevents the lock from moisture accumulation. If moisture builds up, rust settles quickly. So the hole prevents the liquid from accumulating.
2) In winter, this hole will also prevent the padlock from freezing
3) You can also use this hole to oil the padlock with motor oil if the mechanism starts to be rough.

Photo credit:Steven Mileham  

10) The raised marks on the letters F and J on your keyboard:

They're here to quickly position your hands in the right place on the keyboard by feeling the lettersFandJwith your indexes. All this, without looking at the keyboard.

Photo credit:Alexander-design  

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