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Here are 10 ways to recycle your old umbrellas

Here are 10 ways to recycle your old umbrellas
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Many of us own one or more umbrella(s) taking up space at the bottom of our closets. Perhaps it's a bit damaged or we simply have too many to use them all.

Have you ever thought of using your old umbrellas for anything other than protecting yourself from the rain? You can make beautiful home or garden decorations with them, among other things. You can use the handle to make a pretty lamp or practical coat rack. Using the umbrella itself you can create a darling vase or even a skirt!

If you are looking for inspiration for recycling your old umbrellas, take a look at these 10 new creative ideas!

1. A door decoration

Bring spring into your home early by decorating a closed umbrella with artificial flowers that you then hang on a door. Pretty!


2. A ceiling decoration

If you have an umbrella that fits well with your decor, you can hang it up, open and head down to create a charming atmosphere in the room.


3. A ceiling light

A shade hanging from the ceiling; why not?


4. A magical setting in the garden

This kind of layout will have everyone feeling dreamy, whether during a one gathering or all summer long!


5. A reading lamp

The handle of the umbrella will hang very well and offer a soft or practical lighting, like a reading lamp, for example.


6. A mini greenhouse

Protect your young plants with a transparent umbrella, which will allow you to follow their growth.


7. A designer hook

The curved handle of an umbrella, attached to a wall hanging, will create the most beautiful effect and allow you to hang a few pieces of well chosen clothing quite elegantly.


8. Sun protection

Umbrella, parasol ... it's so similar! On a patio, a sky filled with these objects creates a simply fabulous effect!


9. A skirt

With a little delicate agility you can transform an umbrella into a skirt that is way too cute!


10. A planter

Your plants and flowers will be cute and cozy in this umbrella planter!


Do you like these ideas? Which one would you like to try?

Source: DIY Idées Créatives · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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