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Here are 13 inspiring ideas for a country chic decor

Here are 13 inspiring ideas for a country chic decor
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Do you want to bring some warmth to your home and have abilities in arts and crafts?

You will be glad to find inspiration with these 13 "country chic" style decor ideas, that will give a lot of character to your interior and will impress your guests.

1. A recycled wooden frame

This multicolored heart revitalizes the old wood; perfect!

source: Beyond The Picket Fest

2. Buckets on the wall

This pretty hook with metal buckets. Great decorative aspect and also has a practical side; you can use them for storing small things such as your keys, loose change, things found in your pockets.

source: Pinterest

3. A centerpiece crate

What a great idea for displaying flowers and plants. Make a small box with salvaged wood or use one that may be sitting around in the attic. Paint it to your taste and voilà!

source: The turquoise home

4. Hanging frames

Original! Show off your most beautiful pictures in wooden frames with ribbons used to hang them on the wall with "coat hangers".

source: Pinterest

5. A nice cafe corner

Make a nice tray with small hooks for your cups and fix it to the wall. Add any accessories you will need for your morning coffee.

source: Funky Funk Interiors

6. A "love" arrow made with rope

Of course, you can write any word you choose, in the language of your heart! You will need beautiful rope, a wood panel and strong glue!

source: Hymns and Verses

7. Storage buckets in the kitchen

You can also grow your own herbs!

source: DNDistribution Company

8. Decorative faucets

Here is an original decorative element, for the bathroom or elsewhere. You just need to dig through old faucets at the junk shop.

source: Pinterest

9. A utensils rake

Yes, literally a rake!

source: The Gracious Wife

10. A multifunctional shelf

In the bathroom, the guest room, the kitchen, the workshop ... This warm shelf can be useful everywhere!

source: Knick of Time

11. A welcoming decorative panel

This assembly would have the most beautiful effect in your entrance-way!

source: Find it Make it Love it

12. Wood sconces

These simple "arrows" of wood beautifully decorate the wall.

source: Little Brick house

13. Untreated wood shelves

The shape and ruggedness of these shelves gives the room more warmth.

source: DIY in PDX

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