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Here are 14 surprising uses for your hairspray

Here are 14 surprising uses for your hairspray
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Hairspray becomes so convenient when you discover all the tricks you can do with such a common product! And to say we pay crazy prices for similar products we think are so special! Yet they are all easily replaceable by the hairspray we all have in our bathrooms.

Do you have a bottle of hair spray at home? You can test many of these ideas now, and tell us what you think!

Here are 14 tricks to do with hairspray:

1) Removal of animal hair:

Animal hair is difficult to remove from clothing. Spray some hairspray on a towel and rub this towel on the clothing.

2) The foam:

Dryer and fabric lint can be difficult to remove from fabrics. But using the technique of towel and hairspray, as for animal hair, you can more easily remove the lint from fabrics.

3) Threading a needle:

Spray hair spray on the thread as this can help you thread the thread into the eye of a needle much more easily.

4) For your cut flowers:

Spray hairspray on cut flowers that you want to keep, spray a few times, to allow them to dry without crumbling.

5) Help your zipper:

It happens that a zipper does not stay in place; spray some hair spray on it to prevent it from sliding down on its own.

6) For your insect collection:

If you collect insects, it can be very useful to spray, or even soak them in hairspray to keep them intact. The hairspray will also give them a very beautiful shine.

7) Inside the heels:

If your shoes have a tendency of slipping or causing blisters, spray some hairspray on the inside of the heels of your shoes to prevent them from slipping. Some even spray hairspray right on the bottoms of their feet; shoes will no longer slip or cause more blisters.

8) Help with starting a fire:

Are you low on fire-starter (lighting fluids)? Spray some hairspray in front of a lighter to light a fire more easily.But BE VERY CAREFUL.Handle with care. This procedure can be dangerous.

9) For a run in your pantyhose:

A small hole has just spoiled your pantyhose? Prevent it from further ruining them by spraying hairspray on the hole.

10) For your creative art projects:

Bring out the colors and protect the dead leaves by spraying hairspray on your artwork.

11) Restore leather:

Hairspray can remove marks or stains from leather. Whether it's shoes, a jacket or a piece of furniture, spray a little hairspray on the stain, then use a clean cloth to wipe it off. Your leather will be like new again.

12) For pastel:

Set dry or oil-based pastel colors using hairspray. No need to spend big money on special fixatives.

13) To defend yourself:

In the event you are attacked and especially because cayenne pepper bombs are not legal, if you have a bottle of hairspray on hand, spray it in the eyes of your attacker. This could help you greatly in defending yourself or even saving yourself.

14) For staying clean:

Prevent yourself from getting dirty when creating your artwork by spraying hairspray on wet ink. You will avoid staining your hands.

Do you like all these useful tips to use with hairspray? Share them!

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