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Here are 14 tips that all women should know

Here are 14 tips that all women should know
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Life is not easy for everyone.

And most women have a long list of tasks to do in less than 24 hours.

Between the businesswoman, or the student, the role of mother and wife, the hours and every minute are counted.

But with some dry shampoo and a good bottle of Shiraz, all the women of the world can conquer the world!

Here are 14 tips to help all the Wonder Women of this world to better manage a crazy schedule:

1) Alternative to dry shampoo for oily hair:

You don't have time to wash your hair and they are oily? Use talc (baby powder) to absorb the oil of the dirty hair. Sprinkle the talc on the hair. Shake the hair. And brush your hair.


2) Be fashion even if you don't have the budget:

Get handbags imitations to always have style even if you don't have the budget to buy the real handbags since you have children.


3) Make your Vodka a bit smoother:

A good cocktail always makes the pressure go down. But Vodka is hard to drink for you, even in the best girls' drinks? Make your Vodka a bit smoother by running it once or twice through your home filtering system.


4) Prevent razor cuts from bleeding:

You are always in a rush and you always cut yourself while shaving? Use one of your 10 lip balms to stop the bleeding. It will stop automatically! Isn't it the greatest trick?


5) Refresh the white wine:

Freeze green grapes to refresh your wine. Are you so busy with children that you only have a sip every 15 minutes and you hate wine at room temperature? yuck!

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6) Whiten the teeth without spending:

Use the peel of the bananas that you eat to whiten your teeth. The banana peel contains properties to remove stains and that leave your teeth looking much whiter after a few uses. More convenient than going to the dentist, anyway you would not have time to take an appointment


7) Open the bottle of wine:

Use the car key to open a bottle of wine if you have lost the corkscrew, because you don't have time to store everything properly !

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8) Keep clean clothes:

Use a shower cap to store shoes in your suitcases without messing up your clothes during your business trips.


9) Stretch the leather of the shoes:

Do you love your new shoes, but they hurt you terribly when you wear them for 8 hours at the office? Use a hair dryer and thick socks to stretch the leather of your shoes and to expand your shoes.


10) To hold sweater:

A snap button sewn on the edge will hold this sweater ! Take 5 minutes to sew it, you will stop losing patience and will be able to wear this sweater that you like so much.


11) Remove the red wine stains:

Use white wine to remove red wine stain from the carpet! Believe it or not, it works! Add the white wine to the red wine.


12) Shave the legs:

Did you completely forget to add your shaving cream in your shopping list? Use hair conditioner to shave if you don't have shaving cream! It works!


13) Reheat the pizza:

You do not have enough time to have dinner ? Heat the pizza slices in the microwave without hardening them by adding a glass of water!


14)Take a good bath:

And finally, take a nice hot bath with a glass of wine! You deserve it ..... Children are asleep. Use an old wooden board for the ultimate bubble bath! Light candles and grab a good book, spoil yourself for 1 hour and drink a good glass of wine ...!

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