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Here are 16 more than original ideas to decorate with recycled items

Here are 16 more than original ideas to decorate with recycled items
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There are probably already dozens of objects in your home that you have not used for a long time that you could recycle to redesign them in surprising decorative ways.

By thinking a little, sometimes you can imagine incredible stuff from scratch. And that's exactly what all the creators of these decorative objects did! They took the time to think and create! And what they did is not only original, because it's easy to stand out, it's also very beautiful!

Here are 16 more than original ideas to decorate the house with recycled items:

1) With anti-rust paint for metal and an old cheese grater, this is an original setting for an old sepia photo!

2) Exterior paint for plastic and old tires for inexpensive garden furniture.

3) This old piano transformed into a ...

Source: Pinterest

4) An unusual chandelier made with a ladder, tree branches and a string of white lights.

5) A bouquet of roses, roses, made entirely of cardboard recovered from a carton of eggs!

6) Beautiful lanterns made with tin cans. You have to add water and freeze it so that the nails are easier to hammer into the cans.

7) Paint the glass of an old window to make it a decorative frame.

8) Retrieve old drawers to make shelves.

9) Retrieve handle knobs to decorate glass jars!

10) Make a serving tray with a cutting board.

11) Collect bottles and cover them with string or rope of different colors.

12) Pick up Grandma's crocheted place mats to make colorful bowls with white glue and acrylic crafting paint.

13) An old guitar as a shelf!

14) Louvered doors for frames or bulletin boards!

15) Old incandescent bulbs to make beautiful flower vases!

Source: Pinterest

16) A porcelain blade to cut an old tea cup and make this beautiful decor accessory!

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