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Here are 18 Great Halloween Make Up Ideas for kids this Halloween

Here are 18 Great Halloween Make Up Ideas for kids this Halloween
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No matter what makeup choices you make for your child, use non-toxic, quality makeup.

You will avoid damaging your child's skin and causing allergic reactions that could ruin a wonderful evening that only comes once a year. This will also make it easier to apply the makeup on your child, you will waste less, because quality makeup is more opaque and stays on longer. You will have leftovers for the coming years and it won't dry up. This will therefore save you money.

Get information from boutiques to find out what available brands are the best to suit your needs. But we recommend the Mehron brand, in a tube, that can be applied with a brush. It is hypoallergenic, does not sting and will stay on the entire night. It is available in a very large array of colors. It can be found in all Party Expert stores across Quebec.

Here are 18 makeup ideas for kids:

The beautiful Snow Queen... The little ones never get tired of this one! Apply blue to the make-up sponge and paint the white lines with an artist's brush.

The super hero of many children: Superman.

A beautiful pumpkin! Notice how they left a lot of space around the eyes.

Pirates are very popular among kids for Halloween!

The beautiful Hello Kitty!

A photo tutorial to learn how to make a skeleton.

A cat, all in white!

A panda! But we never think of pandas! What a great idea!

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A beautiful rainbow filled with sparkles and pretty flowers to decorate it!

OH!! An scary shark close to the eye! Ohhh!

A very pretty princess and her tiara.

A big dragon who spits fire!

Beautiful flowers!!

A very cute dog with his tongue hanging out of the child's mouth! How funny!

A very charming ladybug! They say they that ladybugs bring good fortune!

A Viking warrior and his armor!

Source: Pinterest

A beautiful clown ....!

And finally, Leonardo, the Blue Ninja Turtle!

Do you like all these makeup ideas for Halloween? Share them!

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