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Here are 19 Fun summer DIY projects using wooden pallets your kids will love

Here are 19 Fun summer DIY projects using wooden pallets your kids will love
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After seeing these 19 awesome ideas, you'll literally jump onto your computer in search of wooden pallets being donated or for sale.

Because all these ideas are really just so much fun for kids!

If you want your kids to spend more time outdoors this summer but at the same time you don't want to spend your entire budget on new or used outdoor toys, these ideas are very easy to create when you're resourceful in terms of DIY projects.

Here are 19 Summer DIYs to make with wooden pallets that your kids will love:

Here are 2 outdoor stove models to make the best mud pies in the world!


2) All kids love stunt ramp type circuits! Use old tires to elevate the wood pallets from the center and use the planks from 3 or 4 other pallets to make ramps on each side. Your little aspiring stunt boys and girls will be overjoyed!

Source:The Idea Room

3) If your kids love to climb like little monkeys, don't miss out on these climbing ramps!


4) Pretty simple, right? Yet agility games are great for their dexterity! And the best part is that they'll love to play them!


5) The most beautiful place to read a good book or take a nap with a good Yoga mat!


6) Role playing as any kind of business man or woman will be a delight in such a gorgeous building


7) Trains have always been a thing of dreams of children


8) This type of playground normally costs a small fortune, but not when the wooden pallets are upcycled!


9) A lemonade stand is still very popular during a yardsale


10) Like this? Recreate this model, but use recycled wooden pallets instead.


11) Furniture for children!


12) Or modify wooden box with holes to play an old classic of sand pocket tossing game!


13) A wide swing or seesaw is so much fun, even you'll want to get up there!

14) See how easy it is to build a house with wooden pallets!


15) By taking great care in sanding down the wood pallet, you can create a beautiful picnic table!


16) This charming chair from the movie Cars will surely entertain your children!

Source: Architecture art designs

17) Children will sleep soundly in the fresh air and under the shade...


18) This stove model is so great it feels almost like an entire house!

19) And we can't leave out a car-wash for bicycles!

Source:Architecture art designs

Source: Tip Hero · Photo Credit: Tip Hero

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