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Here are 19 sublime stairwells that have been transformed by artists all around the world

Here are 19 sublime stairwells that have been transformed by artists all around the world
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In general, street art covers entire walls and sometimes even the buildings themselves. This incredible art transforms streets and alleys into an outdoor gallery, to the pleasure pf passing pedestrians. But one surface is often ignored: the stairs.

When painted, public staircases are an astonishing and unexpected canvas for both portraits and more abstract art. It's as nice to climb them as it is to admire them from below, for different perceptions.

This type of stair project is often done with the help of many people. For example, 16th Avenue Tiled Steps in San Francisco comes from a community effort. Ceramist Aileen Barr and mosaicist Colette Crutcher worked with about 300 volunteers for two and a half years to complete their project. And a group of artists called Dihzahyners made a project called Paint Up! using their creativity to beautify the stairs in Beirut, Lebanon, step by step.

For the pleasure of your eyes and to hopefully get you to want to travel there to see them in person, here are 19 spectacular works done on stairs! Admire them and tell us what are your favorites!

1. The 16th Avenue Steps by Aileen Barr and Colette Crutcher in San Francisco, United States

source: Yellofish

2. Snake of Light by Xomatok in Lima, Peru

My Modern Met

3. Staircase in Seoul, South Korea

Source: Kevin Lowry

4. Staircase of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, United States

Photo credit: rleigh

5. Steps splashed with paint at Zacheta Gallery in Leon Tarasewicz, Warszawa, Poland

My Modern Met

6. Scala, from Horst Glasker, Wuppertal, Germany

My Modern Met

7. Yarn-bombed stairs, by Magda Sayeg

My Modern Met

8. Patterned stairs by DihzahynersBeirut, Lebanon

My Modern Met

9. Floral staircase,Tehran, Iran

source: My Persian-Speaking Friends

10. Patterned stairs, by Dihzahyners,Beirut, Lebanon

My Modern Met

11. Piano steps, Valparaíso, Chile

source: Jean-Baptiste Yunès

12.Stairs of Peace, by Jood Voluntary Team, Syria

My Modern Met

13. Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte, Caltagirone, Italy

source: Andrea Annaloro

14. Anamorphic stairs, by ZAG & SìA,Paris, France

My Modern Met

15. Patterned stairs, by Dihzahyners, Beirut, Lebanon

My Modern Met

16. Holsteiner Treppe, by Professor Horst Gläsker, Wuppertal, Germany

source: Frizztext

17. Origami staircase, by Mademoiselle Maurice,Angers, France

My Modern Met

18. Women are Heroes, by JR,Brazil

My Modern Met

19.Musical theater staircase,Seoul, South Korea

source: Kimhwan SEOULIST

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