Tips and Tricks : Here are 20 great ideas for recycling all those little little plastic Kinder Surprise eggs
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Here are 20 great ideas for recycling all those little little plastic Kinder Surprise eggs

All these people have recycled small plastic eggs to make some pretty cool stuff!

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If you regularly offer these little chocolates to your kids, you may want to think about giving them a second life before you put them in the recycling bin for good.

And by going through these 20 beautiful ideas, you will certainly find something that interests you. You can make some pretty cool stuff with these little plastic cocos!

Have you ever thought of recycling a plastic egg for bringing salt, sugar or spices to a weekend of camping? Well, someone thought about it! Or cover them with knitting to make cute little characters to entertain the kids? That's not it either? Well someone also thought that up. Creative people love to recycle for incredible ideas and that's what we offer today with Kinder Surprise Plastic Eggs.

Here are 20 creative ideas to make with recycled plastic eggs:

1) Do you know how to knit? With a little felt, you can create lovely characters to entertain children.

2) One more? See this adorable little bee!

3) Store unfinished lollipops for kids in plastic eggs that you have drilled small holes into.

4) They are perfect for creating characters from the very popular film "The Minions".

5) Knitters will love it! Put small items in these cool little owl chests.

6) Use black and colored Sharpie permanent markers to paint the plastic eggs.

7) Store small pocket change into plastic eggs to make Minions who stand up on their own.

8) Succulent plants grow in very little soil. Spray plastic paint over eggs and create flower pots on wooden skewers.

9) Using black latex balloons and black electrical tape, make it a Batman Minion!

10) Using pipe cleaners, orange EVA foam and little mobile eyes (Googly eyes), the shape is perfect for crafting Easter chicks.

11) Felt and black earrings to craft a pretty little bumble bee.

12) Acrylic paint to craft tiny angels.

13) Another bee model.

14) A small portion of salt, or sugar, or spices to choose from for a weekend camping trip!

15) Again with paint, to craft with little fairies this time!

16) An Advent Calendar! What a great idea!

17) Great key rings keeping with the Minions theme! A nice gift idea for Christmas as stocking stuffers!

18) The little large googly eyes are too funny stuck on Kinder Surprise eggs.

19) This is a beautiful decor idea for a playroom or a child's room!

20) Collect them until next year for Easter! You can pick up a good amount!

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